The 2019 International Graduates in Civil Engineering Attending the Degree Awarding Ceremony

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     On the morning ofJune 21th, 2019, the Degree Awarding Ceremony of the 2019 Studentswas held in the Tianjin Chengjian University Gymnasium. 42 Internationalstudents in civil engineering from School of International Education successfullycompleted their study, obtained bachelor's degree in engineering, and attendedthe Degree AwardingCeremony. Professor LI Zhongxian, Presidentof Tianjin Chengjian University and Chairman of Degree Awarding Committee,granted degrees to International students and expressed his warmcongratulations and best wishes to them. Representatives of Libya's Embassy inChina and some parents of the graduates also attended the graduation ceremony.

     42 graduates meansthe largest scale of graduates since School of International Educationwasestablished, indicating that International education in Tianjin Chengjian Universityentered a new stage of international education development. We sincerely hopesthat International students keep in mind the TCU motto of "Morality andCapability, Learning and Creating ", create a better life with theiringenuity and wisdom, and make contributions to the friendship between Chinaand foreign countries and the grand blueprint of "One Belt One Road".