Happy Mid-Autumn Festival,Love in TCU ——SIE carries out a traditional cultural experience activity for international students

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It is the Mid-Autumn Festival. In order to let international students, feel the atmosphere of and better understand Chinese traditional culture, and cultivate their Chinese feelings of knowing China, being friendly to China and loving China, the School of International Education (SIE) organized international students who are living in campus now, to carry out the traditional cultural experience activity themed as Happy Mid-Autumn FestivalLove in TCU on September 30. The leading group of school, Chinese language teachers, student counselors, together with more than 30 international students from 13 countries, including Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon and Angola, participated in the activity.  


Enjoying the moon, eating moon cakes and tasting pomegranates, the Mid-Autumn Festival in China means family reunion and happiness. At the beginning of the activity, the Chinese language teacher explained vividly and detailedly the history of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the beautiful legend of Chang'e flying to the moon, so that international students have a certain understanding of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Then, the leaders and teachers of the school sent pomegranates and moon cakes with the motto of "emphasizing morality and ability, being good at learning and building". The students and teachers chatted with each other while tasting the mooncakes, and the atmosphere was warm and harmonious.                

Stephen from Ghana and Pamela from Congo (D.R.C) expressed their gratitude to the school for their care and good wishes on behalf of the international students. They said: "Although there is an epidemic, we cannot go back home, but we are not alone. Not only did we understand the knowledge of the Mid-Autumn Festival today, but also we felt the warmth of the school and teachers. I love TCU, I love China!".                

Zhang Hai, Dean of SIE, wishes happiness to international students and encouraged them to learn Chinese and traditional Chinese culture while they master professional knowledge and devote themselves to the Belt and Road initiative construction after graduation.                

Bian Jinghua, Secretary of the Party branch directly under the CPC Central Committee, sent the blessing of the Mid-Autumn Festival to the international students too, encouraging them to learn by doing, and further deepen the understanding and recognition of traditional Chinese culture and become a cultural ambassador between China and other countries.

Finally, this traditional cultural experience activity ended happily in the wonderful song " Moon represents my heart" by Covic, from Congo (D.R.C).                      


For a long time, SIE has been actively expanding the practice of Chinese traditional culture for international students. Through experiential interactive activities, it can promote the understanding and cognition of Chinese traditional culture, deepen the emotional connection between foreigners and Chinese, and lay a solid foundation for the cultivation of international talents who know, be friendly to and love China.