SIE Organizes International Students to Carry Out Cognitive Practice and Social Practice Activities

2020-11-04  点击:[]

During the corona virus prevention and control period, in order to enrichthe after-class study and life of international students, School ofInternational Education (SIE) organized more than 34 international students togo to the She Huishan practice base and Bohai vocational and technical collegefor cognition practice on October 22 and November 3.        

The first part is to visit the conference center, the constructionsite and the excavation of earth and stone works in the She Huishan hot springhotel; the second part is to visit the "Luban Workshop" of Bohaivocational and technical college, and visit the electric control machine toolworkshop and artificial intelligence workshop. The international students involvedare very interested in everything in the construction site and Luban workshop.They are very curious about the emerging testing and surveying instruments andequipment. They also actively communicate with the leading teachers andenterprise personnel. Jabulani, a representative of the 2019 Zambianinternational students, said, "through this cohnitio practice, Iunderstand the importance of applying the knowledge learned in the classroom topractice, so as to achieve the unity of knowledge and practice, and betterserve my country and society in the future."

In addition to the cognition practice activities, in order to let the internationalstudents understand and comprehend Chinese culture and Tianjin culture moreintuitively and vividly, SIE also organized the international students to carryout social practice activities in Yangliuqing Shijia compound. In the Shijiacourtyard, through listening to the commentator's explanation and on-the-spotvisit, international students feel the beauty of Oriental culture contained inthe unique architectural structure, exquisite brick and stone carvings,lifelike paper-pictures and clay sculptures in the Qing Dynasty.