SIE Held Safety Education Conference of Winter Vacation for International Students

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In order to fully implement the requirements of TCU’s winter vacation safety and stability work, do a good job in the normalized management of epidemic prevention and control, and ensure the safety and stability of international students during the coming winter vacation, School of International Education (SIE)held the winter vacation safety education conference for international students in two batches on the morning of December 15 and the afternoon of December 16. Deputy secretary of the school’s Party branch and vice dean, Yu Yue, international student counselors and international students on campus attended the meeting. International students outside of the school attended the meeting through video.


At the meeting, vice dean, Yu Yue carried out holiday safety warning education for international students in terms of health and personal protection requirements during the epidemic prevention and control period, prevention of epidemic diseases, personal and property safety, food safety, traffic safety, off-campus accommodation safety, and on campus apartment safety and health management. He emphasized that under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the awareness of prevention and control cannot be relaxed, and the prevention and control measures still need to insist. All international students in China now shall strictly abide by Chinese laws and regulations, together with the TCU’s rules and regulations, especially the Regulations on Management during the Corona Virus Prevention and Control Period for International Students of Tianjin Chengjian University.It is strictly prohibited to take drugs or traffic drugs, to do the unlawful employment, make troubles after drinking and some other illegal activities. Students have been reminded that during the holidays, they should protect personal safety and personal property, prevent telecommunications fraud. Students who live outside of the school shall apply for the check-up card for off-campus accommodation according to the law to ensure a safe and happy holiday.


        After the meeting, vice dean, Yu Yue and international student counselors issued Safety Notification and Safety Manual for international students on-site.


       Since the outbreak of COVID-19, SIE has been strictly carrying out all the prevention and control measures according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements of TCU and relevant departments, so as to ensure the safety and stability of international students in China. During this winter vacation, SIE will continue to strictly manage the entrance and exit of international students in accordance with the requirements of the normalization prevention and control of the epidemic situation of the school, do a good job in daily temperature monitoring and evening roll call. SIE's leadership team and international student counselors will continue to do a good job on duty, so as to ensure that international students could spend a safe and beautiful holiday.