School of International Education Holds International Student Education Conference

2021-04-28  点击:[]

In order tofurther implement the requirements of campus security and stability, ensure theteaching effect of international students' courses, do a good job in thenormalization management of COVID-19 prevention and control, and ensure thesafety of international students during the Labor Day holiday, School ofInternational Education (SIE) held the international students' EducationConference on April 27. Yu Yue, deputy secretary and vice dean of the Partybranch directly under the school and, Wang Xiao, vice dean, foreign studentcounselors and international students attended the meeting, and foreignstudents outside the college attended the meeting through video. The meetingwas presided over by vice president Yu Yue.

Firstof all, vice president Yu Yue carried out special safety education onprevention of telecommunication fraud, campus bullying and COVID-19 preventionand control through case analysis and legal interpretation to enhance thesafety awareness of international students. Then, he carried out safety warningeducation on health and personal protection requirements, fire safety, foodsafety, traffic safety and dormitory safety during the epidemic prevention andcontrol period, It is emphasized that during their stay in China, internationalstudents should strictly abide by Chinese laws and regulations, school rulesand discipline, and strictly prohibit drug trafficking, illegal employment,drunkenness and other illegal and disciplinary behaviors.


Wang Xiao, vicedean, gave feedback on the recent attendance and classroom performance offoreign students and put forward some requirements in combination with themid-term teaching inspection. He also answered the difficulties and problemsencountered by foreign students in their study.


Next,based on the requirements of TCU’s COVID-19 prevention and control, SIE willcontinue to strictly manage the entrance and exit of international students, doa good job of daily temperature test and evening roll call, and the leadershipgroup and counselors of international students will continue to be on duty toensure that the students can enjoy safe and beautiful holidays smoothly.