School of International Education Attended the 10th EGPC(Education Global Partners Conference)

2021-04-21  点击:[]

       From April 18 to20, 2021, Dean Zhang Hai and Vice Dean Yu Yue, of School of InternationalEducation attended the 10th EGPC (Education Global Partners Conference) inNanjing. As one of the most influential international education exchange eventsin China, this conference attracted 135 Chinese universities and colleges, morethan 200 international education institutions, as well as many representativesfrom overseas governments, overseas high schools and universities to attend theconference. For the first time, our university was invited to participate inthe Global Education Partners Conference.  


        During the conference, representatives of our university and the participants conductedin-depth discussions on quality accreditation of higher education institutionsto study in China, new trends in the development of education for internationalstudents in China in the 14th Five-Year Plan, and the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on education for international students in China. Through livecommunication, live broadcast and online conference, representatives from ouruniversity and representatives from more than 40 high schools, universities andeducational institutions from Mongolia, Pakistan, Morocco, Bangladesh, Zambia,Malaysia and other parts of the world had in-depth communication and discussionon international student recruitment, online examination and scholarshipapplication.  


    In the next step, Schoolof International Education will do a good job in enrollment and management ofstudy in China, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with countries along the"Belt and Road", increase enrollment publicity, improve theenrollment examination process, optimize the country-specific structure ofstudent sources, improve the level of cultivation of study in China, andsteadily improve the quality of education for students studying in China.