International Students Enthusiastically Discussed General Secretary Xi Jinping's Reply Letter to Peking University’s International Students

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General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President Xi Jinping wrote back to the internationalstudents from Peking University on June 21, encouraging them to learn moreabout the real China, introduce their ideas and experiences to more people, andplay an active role in promoting people-to-people contact among peoples.

School of International Education distributed the reply letter of General Secretary Xi Jinping to allinternational students at first, and organized all international students tovisit the photo exhibition of the National Congress of the Communist Party ofChina "A Century of Struggle and a New Journey" in the school, andthe international students forwarded, liked and commented on the reply letterand exchanged their experience with the counselors.


JABULANI from Zambia said, As a student raised with awestern culture, studying in China has broadened my mind in terms of beinggoverned by a communist party. I have felt the strong leadership of the ChineseCommunist Party, especially during the epidemic, and deeply realized thepeople-centered development ideology of the Chinese Communist Party, as well aswitnessed China's responsibility and commitment in fighting the epidemic.

Hassan, a Pakistan student commented, There is a Chinese old saying that a hundred times of hearing isbetter than seeing. After coming to China, I have gained an in-depthunderstanding of the Communist Party of China and the People's Republic ofChina through various studies and activities at school. The achievements andinitiatives of building a moderately prosperous society, winning the battleagainst poverty, and actively assisting other countries in fighting the newcorona virus epidemic have shown me that the CPC is a party that works for thehappiness of the Chinese people and fights to promote the cause of humanprogress. In the future, I will introduce the real and comprehensive China tomore people, and play an active role in promoting people-to-people contactamong people of all countries.