Notice of Returning Late at Night or Staying Out All Night for International Students

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To all international students,

Recently, many illegal and disciplinary incidents occurred due to the returning late at night or staying out all night. Those violators have been punished according to schools rules and regulations while students involved in serious cases have been punished by the law. These incidents have seriously affected the study of international students in China and our school’s reputation in the society. In order to further strengthen the management of international students and ensure your safety, healthy study and life in China, the school will conduct special inspections on international students about illegal behaviors and disciplinary violations. The school will strictly deal with international students who violate any law, rule or regulation.

The detailed regulations are as follows:

1. Follow the dormitory schedule. Return to the dormitory before 11pm (23:00) every night. Any return after closure of dormitory will be considered late return. Any occasion when the student does not live in the dormitory for a whole night will be considered staying out. If the student cannot come back on time due to special reasons, he or she should explain the situation and get the permission from his or her head teacher in advance and register it after approval.

2. It is strictly forbidden to return late at night or stay out all night without approval.

3. It is strictly forbidden to go to the entertainment places prone to public security incidents, such as bars, ballrooms and so on.

4. It is strictly forbidden to work illegally, organize or participate in any illegal gangs, associations and missionary activities.

5. It is strictly forbidden to climb windows and use other ways to enter into dormitory privately to avoid inspection or registration.

If there is any violation of the above regulations, a warning sanction and a public announcement of his or her violation behavior will be given once found; if he or she still does not change and violates the regulations again, he or she will be expelled from the school immediately. Also, his or her case will be reported to the Immigration Bureau with residence permit shortened and he or she shall leave China within a limited time.

All international students should strictly abide by the Chinese laws and regulations, together with the school rules and regulations.

School of International Education

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