Tips of Psychological Adjustment for International Students during Novel Corona Virus Period

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Tips of Psychological Adjustment forInternational Students during Novel Corona Virus Period              


Faced with the COVID-19so many international students are experiencing the life for "stay at home" and "stay atdorm".We hope that you can actively adjust your mentality, enhance"psychological immunity", andadapt to life in a special period and complete your studies. Here, we providethe following advice to international students:        

1. 维持正常的生活作息。Try to maintain a normal daily routine.          


Keep early hours and healthy diet, payattention to personal hygiene at home or in dormitory.      


   2.正确处理负面情绪。Deal withnegative emotions correctly.            


In the face of the current epidemicsituation, we show a certain degree of anxiety and panic, which is a normalemotional response.Wecan recall how we overcome each crisis before. Find our own resources andsocial support resources, and finally reaffirm our own capabilities.      


      3. 减少因信息过载带来的心里负担。Reduce themental burden of information overload.          


Try to control the time of receivingrelevant information every day. The cumulative time is no more than one hour.It is not appropriate to pay too much attention to relevant information beforegoing to bed.Don'tbelieve in rumors, and don't spread them.      


       4. 坚持每天运动。Keep exercisingevery day.          


Gymnastics, yoga, meditation or relaxationexercises can help reduce mental tension and improve self-confidence.      


    5. 坚持学习。Keep on learning.            


Create a to-do list for yourself and learna new skill using various network resources. According to the requirements ofthe school, take part in the online course study and complete the homework.  


    6. 维护人际关系。Maintaininginterpersonal relationships.            


You can keep in active contact with yourfamily, friends and classmates who can't see each other by remote way, and youcan talk with your relatives and friends when your mood is fluctuating. If thenegative emotions cannot be improved continuously, you can tell your headmaster to seek professional help in time.