Notice on Online Modules Arrangements for International Students during the Extension Period of Spring Semester, 2019-2020 Academic Year

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Dear allinternationalstudents,

Due to the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Tianjin Chengjian University makes decision to extend the new semester, and startthe online moduleson, 2nd, Marchuntil theopeningof the new semester.Based on theTeaching Arrangements for International Students during the ExtensionPeriod of Spring Semester, 2019-2020 Academic Year in Tianjin Chengjian University,the detail and arrangement are hereby notified as follow:


The curriculumsin extended period of Spring Semester, 2019-2020 Academic Yeararedesigned based on the students’situation.Somemodules which are notin the curriculumwill be arrangedlater.The curriculum is available in Attachment 1.


Lecturerswilluse online modules resources or make presentation online in their modules.The Following software platforms and resources will bechosenand used based on the modules’requirement.

(1)Online teaching platform:ZOOMwill be taken as the teaching platform, if lecturers choose to make presentation online.Online modules resources(线上课程)may beprovided by lecturers andused in some modules, whicharefollowed by lecturers’requirement.

(2)Questions, Answers andSelf-study:WeChat(微信)is a communication platform which students can ask questions or talk with lecturers in the WeChat group.Lecturers will send learning documentsin WeChat, so as to make students candownload and study by themselves.

All students should learn how to use the software and online resources. Attachment2 which are listed below will give details and guideline for ZOOM utilization.

Students should join the online modules based on the curriculum, watching online-resources and follow the lecturers’instruction. For students who cannot attend the modules because of theproblemsof cables, Wifi, system or time zone, they can use the online resources in WeChat to finish study by themselves. If they have any questions, they can contact with lecturers in WeChat.

The evaluations of modules arebased on the attendance, homework, assignment and exam.For the evaluation details of each module should be followed by lecturer’s instruction andarrangement. All students should submit the homework and finish assignments on time and submit online based on the lecturer’s requirement.

3.Graduation design (dissertation)

In the extended period of Spring Semester, 2019-2020 Academic Year,senior students should keep in touch with their supervisors (e.g. WeChat), follow the supervisors’instruction and comment, make adiscussionabout their work, to keep the work running based on the schedule of graduation design (dissertation).

4.Make-up exam of modules in last semesters

The make-up exam of modules in last semester will be arranged online so as not toaffectstudents’learning and graduation.The details will be referenced to the notice of make-up examination issued on April.

Attachment 1_Curriculum

Attachment 1_curriculum.rar

Attachment 2_Guideline for zoom app or software utilization

Attachment 2_Guideline for zoom app or software utilization.docx

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                 27thFebruary, 2020