Arrangement of Graduation Defense for Grade 2016 International Students in Construction Management

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Dear Construction Management international students in Grade 16,

     The schedule ofdefensewill be arranged on 9th, June.Offlinedefense is arranged for students in campus, and onlinedefenseisarrangedfor students who haveback in their own countries.Pleasefollowthe requirement to prepare the defense.

   <Before the defense>

     Before the defense, every student should prepare the following aspects:

    1.Submittingthe final electronic version of graduation dissertation documents as required to your supervisor and sending it to the school public email-box as deadline of submission is 5:00 p.m. 6th June, 2020.Students who fail to submit the final electronic version of graduationdissertationdocuments on timeWILL NOTbe allowed to participate in the graduation defense.

    2.Preparing a PPT with no more than 12 slights. In the PPT, You should make a self-introduction, including who you are, whoyour supervisor is, what kind of project you have done, what methods you used and what conclusion you made (the attachment 4 provide a format of the PPT, and you may also choose the format what you like).

    3.Confirming his/her defense time in the attachment of the notice (see attachment 1).

    4 .Preparing the defense questions in advance based on the question table in the attachment of the notice.

    5.If you are listed in the online defense group, please download and install the ZOOM software in advance, which is the defense online platform. If you don’t install the software or keep the normal running of the software, you cannot join the defense.

  < Online defense in the defense day>

    For online defense, students who make a defense in the morning should join the Zoom meeting at 10:00 am; and students who make a defense in the afternoon should join Zoom meeting at 14:00 pm.Thezoom conference numberwill beannouncedto studentsin advance.

    In the defense, students need to prepare the dissertation and PPT in advance, and share the screen in the defense. Everystudent should make a briefintroductionof your work based on your PPT in 5minutes(sharing the screen with teachers), and then answer the teachers’questions.

    Teachers will extract two questions from the questions (see attachment2), according to the content of yourdissertation. Please make full preparations for the questioning part before your defense.

   < Offline defense in the defense day>

    For offline defense, students should

     a.Arriving the School 30minutesbefore his/her defense time. Enter the SIEfrom the main entrance,showinghis/hervalid certificates such as student ID card,completingthe temperature measurement and registration.

     b.Students who are allowed to enter theSIEmust wash your hands first and then enter thewaiting area, keeping at least 1 meter away each other.

     c.Students must wear masks throughout thedefenseprocess.

     d.When the defense is completed, thestudentshouldleave the SIE.

     He/she should bring his/her own printed and digital edition of dissertation and PPT with him/her when taking part in the offline graduation defense, and copy the digital PPT in the laptop in advance.Every student should make a brief introduction ofhis/herwork based on your PPT in 5 minutes, and then answer the teachers’ questions.

Teachers will extract two questions from the questions (see attachment2)according to the content of yourdissertation. Please make full preparations for the questioning part before your defense.

     <After defense>

     Students should follow the requirement of supervisors and finish the improvement of the dissertation.

Attachment     Arrangement of Graduation dissertation of Construction Management.docx

                          Attachment 4_PPT format.pptx


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